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Welcome to the Rogue Project   ❧

So, what is Rogue?

Rogue is a simple Python/pygame project that will (hopefully) be growing to a fully fledged game. For now, I am programming it on windows, but will be adding in linux support later(not all that hard, I don't think). Anyhow, I hope to accomplish something close to Legend of Zelda©, but with a different gameplay. For now I will be slowly developing the game, mostly because I am on my own in this project. Contributors would be almost always welcome to make a contribution, because this will be a slow process.

  • Startup

    You're all alone...

  • Attack

    Walking around...

  • Sithere

    Startup the game

  • Code

    Work work work.

  • Spritesheet

    Self explanatory...

Experiencing difficulty? Upgrade is probably the answer.

My Goal:

Well, my goal is to have a fully working game, that has three saves, is fun to play, maybe having arcade mode or story mode. It all depends on how easy it would be. My goal for next release is to have a map that has grass tiles, a simple house, a tree or two, and better animations. After that, maybe the save menu and a better map. Still, as a novice in python, limited time, and being alone, I think that these updates will be few and far between. I do not have a hard schedule, and the deadlines I post are subject to arbitration. Thank you, wisdomfire.


This project uses and supports GPLv3 So far, the project entire project will be licensed under GPLv3.0. Legal code is found here:     Some of the music might be licensed differently, but that's for later... I might just use music from this amazing project, Battle for Wesnoth, since the music is GPL (see here and here).

About Me:

The admin, wisdomfire: I am a novice programmer, just starting fresh in python and pygame. I learned about a language from a relative, and then I started to learn python. I was inactive for a while, but then I had the idea for Rogue. That's why you are sitting here reading this. I also endorse open source projects, which include (but are not limited to)Battle for Wesnoth, Minetest, GIMP, and Apache Open office. Open source and free is the best kind of program I think. More toward Rogue, I have made graphics for the game, which are pretty darn good for 16x16px (at least I think so...) I also make Texture Packs and a couple mods for other games, but I mostly prefer making my own stuff.

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So for this project, I have been informed that using classes is the best way to go here. I think that they might be right. Classes are used to define things that will probably be called more than once. It also makes things much more orderly. I am also using definitions or def to make different things If you look at the source of (hopefully with Notepad++, IDLE, or something nicer than plain old notepad) then you will see that almost everything is being made using classes and def's. For instance, "class Slime" and "def attackme". For more info on these, visit pygame website at


Right now, I make my map manually using code placement. If you look at lines 633-799, you will see that each line is just plain old placement of the blocks. One at a time. I think that I need to find a better way to do maps. That is way too much code. 166 lines of code is really too much, for one bit of the unfinished map. I think that the best way is to make a image that one pixel is a tile, and map it out like that. Exchange a black pixel for this tile and a green one for this and a brown one for this, and so on. Also, If you use the find tool, and look for class phrase, you'll see how many times I used it.    A lot.    Right now, there is just way too much code. Anyhow, Hope you enjoy this new version of Rogue more than the last one.

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